Where In Western Mass Wednesdays

I started this game when I ran my old website the Location Reservoir.  At the time I was spending a lot of time wandering around Western Mass scouting potential filming locations.  In the process I amassed thousands of photos of every town in Western Mass.

So, every Wednesday I post a photo from a different location in Western Mass.  Some will be more obscure than others but all will be publicly accessible places.  Some of the photos will also be of places that have changed significantly since they were taken.  I’ll slip in some brand new ones too.

This time I’m going to make a real game of it.  The first person to guess Where In Western Mass the photo was taken gets 5 points, the next person gets 2 points and the 3rd gets 1 point.  I’ll post the answer here and on social either after 3 people guess correctly or the next Wednesday if nobody gets it.

At some point I’ll figure out a prize for whoever reaches some arbitrary score.  

You can find the scoreboard on this page. Scores will be updated on Wednesdays when the new photo is posted.  

The only rule is that you have to either be following Western Mass Junction on instagram or have liked the facebook page.  You don’t have to take part in the scoring if you don’t want to.  I just thought it would make it more fun.

Past Photos

This Week's Photo