about western mass junction

Western Mass Junction is the only website promoting events throughout the entire Western Mass region.  

Locals and visitors alike return to the site often to see what awesome things are happening in Western Mass. We use a multichannel marketing strategy that combines the best of digital and analog and good old fashioned word of mouth.

The folks who visit Western Mass Junction are already motivated to support local business.  So why not get your business in front of them by becoming a sponsor?

We offer a variety of opportunities to sponsor individual content, series of content, sections of the site and individual pages.

audience targeting in a nice way

The site is divided into topical sections, each with its own home page featuring relevant events and content.  By sponsoring specific sections, topics, and content you will be able to target your ideal customer without the need for algorithms or predatory data mining.  Just a common sense understanding that if they like this thing then they’ll probably like this other thing.

locally grown content

In addition to the events we also feature dynamic content on topics related to the Western Mass Experience.  

We are recruiting a diverse group of contributors to share their own take on the Western Mass Experience.  Whether that’s recommending events, profiling favorite local businesses, highlighting local attractions, or exploring the history of the region.

This content comes both in the forms of one time pieces and recurring content series.  

There is never a paywall or an algorithm limiting the reach of our content.

sponsorship rates

For a limited time sponsorships are available at flat annual rates.  This reserves a space for your business and you can change out your image once a month.  This will allow you to highlight specific promotions, events, products, etc .

Standard Rotating Ad (300x300px): $500/year

Non Rotating/Mobile Ad (300x300px): $600/year (only 1 per page)

Home Page Non Rotating/Mobile Ad (300x300px): $700/year

Large Ad (300x600px): $700/year (only 1 per page)

Footer Banner Ad (1 per page) (150x600px)

Exclusive Sponsorship of a certain page or section (ask for quote)

Don’t worry, your image doesn’t have to be pixel perfect, we can tweak them as necessary.

Non Rotating ads will be placed on the most relevant page on a first come first serve basis unless you request a specific page.  You can request a certain section in the form on this page.

Other sponsorship opportunities that will soon be available:

  • Sponsor individual content that fits your brand or that you just think is awesome
  • Sponsor content from specific contributors
  • Create your own sponsored content as long as it applies to the greater Western Mass Experience
  • Whatever else I come up withdynamic