register for western mass junction

In order to post events or promote your business on Western Mass Junction the first step is to register as a free user.

There is no cost to register and you just need to provide an email address and some basic info.  This is just to keep out spammers and to keep track of who posts what content.

If your business or organization has been tagged in a previous event you can select it in the form and it will be switched over to your control.

You can learn more about upgrading to a paid membership here

If you would like us to handle the set up just let us know.  There’s no fee.

Already registered? then please login to upgrade your membership.

how the site works

For the sake of simplicity all businesses, organizations, and creatives are referred to as Entities

Members act as representatives of entities and post events and updates on their behalf.  

Each entity can only be managed by one member account. 

The managing member account controls the info in the profile, updates, and any other content from the entity. 

Any member can list any entity as a venue or connect them to an event.  So, if you are a show promoter who works with multiple venues please register as a promoter, not as the venue.

Visitors to the site will not see which member posted an event or update.  They will only see the appropriate entity’s info.

For more info on how events work click here