Goforth Farm

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This is a demonstration of a complete business profile.

It is set up with all possible options.

The buttons on the right hand side of the profile display dynamically according to the business type. The menu gallery also only displays for businesses that serve food.

Most of the fields are optional and you can quickly activate or deactivate them from the profile. You can also easily edit any details including hours, say if you go on vacation, and the images.


Beverage Types

  • Beer
  • | Gin


  • BBQ

Food Details

  • Cheap Eats
  • | Delivery
  • | Family Friendly
  • | Farm to Table
  • | Outdoor Dining
  • | Take Out

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western mass junction might return someday

I don’t have time to keep up with this site anymore.  I can’t say if or when I will again.  So it might not come back.  

However if you would like to take over the day to day I’m happy to continue hosting and dealing with the behind the scenes aspects.

Or if you want to sponsor it at a level that will allow me to quit my day job I’m up for that too.