become a contributor

Western Mass Junction isn’t just another events calendar.  

The goal is to connect people to the Western Mass Experience. 

Of course everyone’s idea of the Western Mass Experience is different.  I mean, we can’t even all agree on the geographical boundaries of the region.

So, I’m looking for a wide variety of voices to add to the site.

I’m open to any topic that highlights some aspect of the Western Mass Experience.  

I’m especially interested in finding contributors interested in creating serial and recurring content for the primary sections for the site.

  • Music
  • Food
  • Beer & Booze
  • Nature
  • Art & Performance
  • Kids
  • Film
  • Local Authors
The content can be long form written posts, video, photo essays, or even something more creative.  Do you have a story about Western Mass that can’t be summed up in one blog post?  Want to highlight some artists, bands or restaurants you think need more attention?  Have some great photos of local hikes and want to try to sell prints or license the photos?

I’m not expecting any of this for free.  At the very least contributors will receive a share of revenue generated from sponsors attached to the content.  There are also options for local businesses and organizations to sponsor their own content.

I am also working on a feature that will enable visitors to directly support their favorite contributors. 

Right now I’d like to hear from anyone who would be interested in contributing.  I’m also open to other ideas of how to make it appealing to contributors.