Have questions about the site as it stands or my plans for it?  The best way to reach me is through the form on this page.  I also respond promptly to messages to the Western Mass Junction facebook page and Instagram account.

You can find more info about becoming a member business here and sponsoring content here.

Every Monday I post a list of events for the coming week to facebook and to an email list for the site.  These are not necessarily personal recommendations but chosen to highlight a variety of interests and some events that might be overlooked.

I will soon have lists set up for specific interests as well.

Pretty much every Wednesday I post a Where In Western Mass Wednesday clue to the instagram account.  There’s a point system for people who guess the location correctly and at some point there will be some kind of prize.

The Western Mass Junction youtube account will soon be a lot more active. 

I don’t really use twitter much but maybe that will change.